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Meet Accelerate


Simple & Engaging to use.
Provides actionable information.
Ultra Fast & Automated.

Data Insights

Leverage predictive analytics.
Forecasting & Optimization.
Built in analytics.

Rapid Deploy

Start planning in weeks, not months.
Plug-and-play, fully integrated.
Rapid ROI results.

Simply Powerful

Personalized Dashboards

Critical data at your fingertips
Actionable dashboard lets you understand what is critical

Navigation Simplified

Filter, sort, find anything, anywhere. Easier to use than excel. Leveraging automation to simplify tasks and lets you focus on planning your business.

Forecasting & Reporting built-in

Leverage powerful insights

Our Smart Forecasting engine and our Insights reporting modules are embedded into every step of your planning process, your teams will have powerful invaluable tools to build better plans.

Build better plans

Whether it's future sales, Item forecast, selling patterns or any scenario where data is being analyzed, our built in Smart Forecasting makes it simple to build different scenarios, delivering one of the most powerful tools to improve your business.

Rapid Deploy Implementation


With an "Out of the Box" approach, Foresight Accelerate comes with the best methods needed to effectively plan all aspects of your business. With some pre-configured options, you can choose how you will plan your business.

Live in Weeks

With the deep knowledge of our integration teams, you can be up and running with Foresight Accelerate in a matter of a few weeks. Big project teams, and taking time from your Planners day to day roles is a thing of the past with Accelerate. We do the work for you so you can focus on critical activities in your organization.

Designed for Modern Retail

Omnichannel Optimized

Plan your E-Com business both separately and as an integral part of the big picture with all of the details needed. With a view on inter-channel dependencies you will be able to run a better, more profitable business.

Automation Made Easy

With the powerful automation built in, your teams can focus on making decisions that are crucial to the organization's success.

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