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Effective Assortment Plans drive sales and margins. Our automatically generated Assortment Plans can be built from the ground up or top down, to suit any retailers specific needs. By enabling bottom up planning, we provide users with a higher level of accuracy.

Smarter Assortments

Leveraging on our Smart Forecasting engine, Foresight Retail provides quantifiable insights to the merchandising team that ties back to the financial targets, all without the cumbersome tasks involved in the traditional Assortment planning solutions.

Often, assortment planning is a balance of art and science. There's the art - knowing your customers and current trends and being able to create an Assortment based on those trends - and the science - looking at the assortment as a mix of targets and statistics that guide decisions. Foresight Retail Assortment automates the process, combining the art and science to give you detailed, accurate assortments that are built at the store level.

Insightful & Intuative

Building the Assortment plans at the store level gives Foresight Retail user unmatched accuracy and abilities never realized before in Assortment planning. Combine that with our sizing tool, and all that left for the merchant to do is choose the best styles for the upcoming season.

  • Precise Product assignments
  • Multiple strategy flexibility
  • Perfectly sized assortments
  • Drive out accurate initial allocations

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