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With fast changing customer demands, merchants and planners need better capabilities than antiquated systems and spreadsheets to make good merchandising decisions. Our modules give you the flexibility, foresight and efficiencies you need to make decisions that will help you achieve your business goals. Foresight Retail lets you focus on managing your business. It gives you the ability to tie your merchandise, location and assortment plans together so that your strategies can be well executed across the organization.

Merchandise Planning

Do you sometimes feel boxed in by your merchandise planning process? Get out of the box with our revolutionary capabilities.

Start creating your merchandise plans, by any attribute or product level to fit your product strategy. Whether you’re planning at the banner level or down to item planning, the performance will astonish you. Layer in our forecasting module and it gives you the flexibility and foresight which will help you achieve and maximize your business goals and ROI.

Location Planning

Having the ability to plan locations by reviewing and tuning your product mix in conjunction with your merchandise plans is critical in creating balanced plans.

Historical information is no longer enough to create adequate store plans. Leveraging our Smart Forecasting engine, we create store profiles that model stores on multiple selling patterns of a multitude of attributes, both from stores and product. Putting all of this into your store plans, gives you intelligent store planning and provides insights on opportunities by store.

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