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Item Planning

Foresight Retail Item Planning automates the supply and demand planning of your items that are key to achieving optimal sales, margin and inventory levels so that your customers find what they want and where they want it. Foresight Retail's embedded Smart Forecasting provides a more accurate insight into potential performance based on your strategy. With our Markdown optimization, you can maximize profits while providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Find how easy it is to start planning your items.

Smarter & Faster

Traditionally, Item planning has always been challenging due to the amount of product lines, changes in product characteristics, as well as the omni-channel requirements. This results in a great deal of manual effort in consolidating item history, and increasing planning effort. Planners are placed under pressure to achieve deadlines and this creates a risk around the forecast accuracy.

Foresight Retail overcomes all of these challenges through automation and flexible product consolidations using attributes and dynamic totals. The automation is achieved through leveraging the Smart Forecasting engine which, will generate the demand for any item with exceptional system performance regardless of item volumes.

Seamless Integration & Governance

Foresight Retail's Item Planning module can be used as a stand alone plan, or seamlessly integrated across the other modules, to provide governance in line with the Merchandise and Assortment strategies.

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